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Toocki 100W crescent Cable 6A Fast Charging

LKR 990.00LKR 1,750.00
Product Parameters
  • Brand: Toocki
  • Product Name: 6A fully compatible 90-degree elbow data cable
  • Model: TQ-X25
  • Material: Aluminum alloy + braided wire
  • Colour: Black/Blue/Gray
  • Length: 1M
  • Function:Fast charge + data transmission
  • Input interface:USB-C
  • Output interface:Type-C

Rocoren 100W USB Type-C

LKR 1,200.00
  • 100W Fast Charging: Enjoy lightning-quick power-ups for all your devices.
  • PD3 Technology for Safety: Charge with confidence, knowing your devices are protected.
  • Built to Last: Made from robust materials, it's engineered for longevity.
  • Kink and Bend Resistance: Bid farewell to cable wear and tear.
  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly connect with a wide array of devices

Toocki USB C-C Type LED Display Cable

LKR 1,500.00
  • Name: C-C 60W fast charging data cable
  • Model: TQ-X59
  • Material: PC + braided wire
  • Function: PD fast charge + USB2.0 transmission
  • Input interface: Type-C
  • Output interface: Type-C

Toocki 240W Type-C Cable

LKR 1,500.00
  • 240W fast charging
  • E-Marker chip for safe charging
  • Durable construction
  • Resistant to kinks and bends
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices

Toocki 100w Display Type-C Cable

LKR 2,500.00
  • Name: PD 100W/5A digital display data cable
  • Material: aluminum alloy + TPE
  • Color: black
  • Length: 1m
  • Function: digital display + PD 100W fast charge+ E-Marker Ship